Puneet Rajkumar is the voice of Chandan Achar movie of ‘Bigg Boss’ fame!


  • Tuesday holiday ready for the screen
  • Appu is the voice of the film
  • Chandan as Sudeep fan

Actor Chandan Achar, who was noted for his role in ‘Kirk Party’ cinema, later went on to become a big boss. A new movie is now ready for the screen. Image titleTuesday is a holiday‘. The film, which has a different title, will hit the screens on February 5. In the meantime, a good news has come out of the film. “Power Star” Puneet Rajkumar voiced an emotional song from the film.

Song for father song
The father-son sentiment in the film is apt scope. There is also a song about Dad. This is the song that starts with ‘Mukkotti God came together .. not in front of Dad …. No matter how much I grow up, I love the backbone of my spine ..’ Hrithik Muralidhar, who has previously composed music for films like ‘Sankhtakara Ganapathi’ and ‘Khaki’, has written the song and Gauss Phir has written the lyrics.

Song Release on Jan. 26
This lyrical video of Dad will be released on Republic Day (Jan. 26). Now, the film has received a U / A certificate and will be released on the same day. A hairdresser wants Sudeep to do hairstyles. What will happen to this desire? Is the story summary of the film. Sudhir KM of Studio 18, producer of ‘Popcorn Monkey Tiger’ and ‘Bad Manners’ The film is being brought to a statewide screen.

‘Power Star’ Puneet Rajkumar couple arrives to see ‘Family Pack’

The film is produced under the Trilogy Films logo and directed by Yavin. Chandan Achar plays the role of a barber in this film. Lasya Nagaraj is the heroine of the film. Jahangir, Rajinikanth, Gopal Deshpande and Nandan Raj are in the cast. Music by Prajoth Desa. Hrithik Muralidhar composed a song about Dad and the background music. The film is compiled by Uday Leela Photography and Madhu Timbakere.

Puneet Rajkumar rises to a height no matter how high the foot is; Breathtaking breath teacher!