Pooneth in Bollywood cinema? Here’s the applause!


  • A new movie of child acting
  • News that Puneeth will act
  • Puneet made this clear

Harish Basavaraj
Telugu actor NTR and Kannada actor Dr Rajkumar are close friends. His sons have maintained the same friendly relationship. NTR’s son from that friendship Nandamuri Balakrishna Actress ‘Gauthami Putra Shathakarni’ will be seen in the cinema. Shivrajkumar made a cameo appearance. Now rumors are rife that actor Puneethrajkumar will also star in Balaya’s cinema.

Boyapati Srinu is acting as a child hero in a new film directed by him. It has been widely reported that the film’s demand is to play the role of a Khadak police officer in the same cinema. That was Sakhat viral. It was also published on some Telugu websites.

So when Vijay Karnataka approached Punitraj Kumar about this, he said, “The news that I am acting in Balayya’s cinema came to my ears. I don’t know how this spreads. Our family and Balakrishna’s family are very close. If they come to Bangalore from the beginning, they will visit us. Friendship has been around since Appaji’s time. So maybe this kind of news is hubby. But I have never received a call from anyone else, whether from film or film. No one called me and told me to act in cinema. This is false information, ”Puneet Rajkumar said.

Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar visits Raj Adi’s home in Gajanur What is the reason?

Shivrajkumar and Puneeth Rajkumar have been the guest of many films. Puneeth was also a guest of Balayya’s NTR: Kathanayakudu cinema promotion in Bangalore. It is said that Balayya will star in his Puneet cinema with the same calculation. Now, it is open to all speculation as it has been denied by Puneet and others.

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