Polar Sarja gave ‘Breaking News’ to those waiting for ‘Pogaru’ cinema!


  • Cinema is a long awaited cinema
  • ‘Pogaru’ of Dhruva-Rashmika Mandanna pair
  • The movie will be released in three languages

‘Action Prince’ Polar Sarja Actress ‘Bharjari’ premiered in September 2017! Fans will miss Sakhat behind him. So is the 4th movie of polar acting.PoguruFans have been waiting for Sakhat. That movie too was delayed for a lot of reasons. Actor Dhruva Sarja has given a breaking news to those who have been waiting for when the film will be released!

Pogaru Show on February 19th!
Dhruva Sarja, who went live on Instagram on Monday (Jan. 18), shared information about the ‘Pogaru’ release. The film is set to open on Friday, February 19. Corona and lockdown hindered the work of ‘Poguru’. The ‘Pogaru’ team is set to unveil the picture even though it is only 50 per cent of the seats available. The film will be released in Telugu and Tamil along with Kannada.

The hit is the Kharabu song
Released so far is the dialogue trailer of the movie ‘Pogaru’ and the song ‘Kharabu ..’ Especially the ‘Kharabu ..’ song which is crazy for polar fans. The song has been viewed over a million times on YouTube. This is another major reason for the increase in expectation on cinema. Apart from Kannada, Telugu version’s ‘Kharabu ..’ song is also a big hit, so the cinematographers are waiting for it. If the film opens in Kannada-Telugu under the title of ‘Pogaru’, the Tamil version has the title ‘Semma Thimiru’.

SriLeela is now an ‘expensive’ actress in Kannada cinema! Poor Sarja gets a ‘kiss’!

Rashmika is the heroine of cinema
Pole as heroine in ‘Pogaru’ cinema Rashmika Mandanna Starring. Now, Dhruva has appeared in two get-togethers for the film. Starring Mayuri, Dhananjaya, Ravi Shankar, Chikkanna and others. Chandan Shetty has composed the songs. Background Music By Harikrishna. Photography by Vijay Milton The ‘Pogaru’ Hindi dubbing version has sold for Rs 7.2 crore. Directed by Nandakishore, the film is directed by B.K. Gangadhar has made money.

Dhruva Sarja ‘Pogaru’ to be made in 4 languages! Official information about the release