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‘KGF: Chapter 2’ has already created a great atmosphere at the Pan India level. Right now Upendra Acting ‘Ganja“The film is also being made in the Pan India range. Significantly, the film will be introduced by a star who is familiar with Pan India. It is, therefore, a curious creation of who he is. Fans were expecting a teaser release of ‘Kabbaz’ to be released this season (Jan. 14). The director-producer has given another breaking news R. Chandru.

Surprise at 10 am on January 14th!
The equinox Sources say that the biggest surprise will be on the morning of the festival. ‘Fans are expecting a teaser release. However, this surprise is quite different. Pan India superstar to be in ‘Kabza’ We will keep you informed about it. It will be a big surprise for the fans and the fans will like it, ”the team’s source said.

Shooting on a terrific set
There are lavish sets in Bangalore and Hyderabad for ‘Kabja’ and most of the filming is over. “The next phase of filming will begin on January last. Upendra has been working on this film for more than four hours every day and is ready to shoot. She looks so beautiful on the screen. ‘The dagger’ is coming up, according to fans. Chandru.

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Cinema with big star cast
M.T.B. Ragh Basroo of KGF fame is directing the film ‘Kabja’ produced by R. Chandru under the logo of Sree Siddheshwar Enterprises, offering Nagaraj. Rajasekhar serves as executive producer, Munendra and line producer. A.J. Shetty is doing photography, Raju Sundaram, Ganesh, Shekhar are choreographers and Ravi Varma, Vikram More and Vijay are directing. Besides Upendra, Kamarajan (‘I’ movie fame), Jagapathi Babu, Rahul Jagatap, Anoop Revanna, John Cocaine, Rahul Dev, Naveen, Kota Srinivas Rao, Jayaprakash, Kat Raju, Subbaraju are in the cast.

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