New Year’s Eve Shanvi Srivastava

Cinema after lockdownMusk Mahal‘. This is the 50th film of the famous director Dinesh Babu. Actress Shanvi Srivastava The heroine of this movie. The New Year will be a grand gift from the psychological horror thriller. Is it me See the tooltip here.

Kasturi Mahal Teaser Release
The dubbing of the Kasturi Mahal cinema, which has just finished shooting, is now under heavy work. Now the first day of the New Year on January 1, the team is preparing to release the first teaser of the film. There, on the first day of the year, Shanvi Srivastava fans will get this gift from them. This is the second horror thriller Shanvi has been working on since Chandralekha.

Finish shooting in a short period of time
Following the lockdown, the Kasturi Mahal team, which started shooting around Kottikhara, Chikmagalur on the first week of October, completed the shooting in just twenty days. Director Dinesh Babu is famous for shooting in less time. He holds the record for completing the shooting of cinemas in the past. This time he has completed the shooting of ‘Kasturi Mahal’.

‘Masterpiece’ is the entry for Rachita Ram’s film! Shanvi’s This Sakhat Special!

Shanvi Srivastava plays the heroine. The rest of the cast includes Skanda Ashok, Rangayana Raghu, Shruti Prakash, Neenasam Ashwath and Akshar. Dinesh Babu wrote the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film. Ravish RC in Sribhavani Arts logo The film is produced by Naveen RC. Akshay CS His co-production is by PKH Das Photography. Initially the film was given the title ‘Kasturi Residence’. Rachita Ram was the heroine. At last Rachita walked out of the cinema. The title also changed to ‘Kasturi Mahal’.

Actor Skanda Ashok is shooting at the ancestral home of ‘Kasturi Mahal’!

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