mp jayaraj biopice: Acting as a real life person is a huge challenge – Actress Shruti Hariharan – sruthi hariharan speaks about her character in dhananjays head bush movie


  • Dhananjaya produced and starring ‘Head Bush’
  • This is the Don Jayaraj Biopic that ruled Bangalore underground
  • Shruti Hariharan is the main character in ‘Head Bush’

Harish Basavaraj
Shruti Hariharan, who is recognized as Sandalwood’s talented actress, has been busy in marriage, child and brood for 2-3 years. Surya Vashishtha’s new directorial cinema was accepted just a few days ago Dhananjaya She is making a special appearance in the acting ‘Head Bush’ cinema.

An influential woman

Actor Dhananjaya is playing Jayaraj in the underworld don Jayaraj biopic ‘Head Bush’, who ruled Bangalore’s underworld in the 1970s and 1980s. He is accompanied by several artists including Loose Mod Yogi, Vasishtha Lion, Payal Rajput. Shruti Hariharan is the new addition to the movie. She plays the role of an influential woman in Bangalore in the 70s and 80s.

Agni Sridhar movies are nangitaku
Shruti Hariharan said, “A few days ago, Dhananjaya made a call and heard about the story of Jayaraj making a movie.” Agni Sridhar then narrated the story. I was a fan of Agni Sridhar’s ‘those days’ and ‘courageous’ movies. Now it was fun when he explained the story to me. I am happy to have a part in his story. ”

This is a challenging role
Shruti Hariharan said that the role I had to play in the story of Headbush Cinema was very challenging. Performing that challenge makes me more successful as an artist. So I accepted the role. The body language and costume of those days were all special for this character. It is enough to make people feel that I have done justice to this character on the screen. Dhananjaya has a combination scene with him. So I’m not a heroine to them. I want to see more of my character on screen.

Sruthi Hariharan: Shruti Hariharan’s entry into ‘Dolly’ Dhananjaya’s ‘Head Bush’

So many opportunities
Shruti Hariharan already has several cinema offerings. The filming of Surya Vasishta’s film is complete and it is said that it can be titled as ‘Salugar’. There is also a call for tuning from OTT content. The characters that have the opportunity for performance will be accepted. He says that all the films now accepted are the same. Baloo Nagendra is playing an important role in ‘Head Bush’.

Sonu Sood, Ragini Dwivedi, Shruti Hariharan, Harshika Poonacha, Bhuvan Ponnanna to wipe the tears of those in trouble!

I play the role of a woman from the Jayaraj era in the Headbush cinema. This is the strongest role in the film. Already a week of filming is complete. There is a lot of difference between the acting in my previous films and this one.
– Shruti Hariharan, Actress

Daughter of Shruti Hariharan who entered the world of color with Dad and Mom!

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