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Actress Milana Nagaraj of ‘Love Mocktail’ is learning Tulu language. Yes. Originally from Hassan, they have come up with a Tulu language that is new to them. Prithvi Ambar, who plays the lead in this movie titled ‘For Registration’, is from Mangalore so Milan has a lot to learn.

Milana Tulu is learning for ‘For Registration’
In this romantic comedy, I am playing a young woman in Mangalore who is working in Bangalore. She is visiting Mangalore with her husband. I learned Tulu for this. We have to visit the beaches and temples and shopping around here. Since Prithvi is from Mangalore, it is interesting to learn this language with her. Milana said that she has given a lot of information about the places there.

Milana talks about Tulu language
Saying that she is excited to speak Tulu on screen, she said, “It would not be fair if Tulu did not speak for a Mangalore-based film. That’s why I decided to learn Tulu to get even more right into that role. I am happy that I am learning a new language. ”

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Acting Sudharani
This is a film directed by Naveen Dwarkanath. Milana and Krishna are getting married. The date is also a fix. This film has a similar story. The story of the family and the younger generation is going to be very humorous. Veteran actress Sudharani plays the role of Milana’s mother.

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