‘Master’ cinema leak: Rs 25 crore Producer who demanded a solution!


  • Piracy Kata for Vijay Cinema
  • Detection of those who leaked the sights
  • Producer who demanded heavy compensation

‘Dalapati’ Vijay and Pallil Selvan starring Vijay SethupathiMaster‘The cinema is on January 13th and there is a lavish performance. Though only 50 per cent of the seats are allowed, the Collection issue is on record. In the meantime, piracy kata is also in the picture. Producers are currently fighting against it. The police station is now stepping up! 25 crores plus Rs. Producers have demanded a solution.

Who leaked the cinema?
Some of the clippings were leaked when the ‘Master’ cinema was nearing release. The team then requested not to do piracy, but to let us know if there was such growth. He also gave away the police station. Now we have information about who leaked the cinematic footage. It was a deal with a digital company to release the image abroad. For that he was given a copy of the cinema. However, a staff member had leaked scenes from the cinema. The investigation is now out!

25 Crore Rs. A demanding producer
It is a great feat to boldly release cinema in such a difficult time. The ‘master’ team is bored, however, because the film’s scenes leak. So, Lalit Kumar of Seven Screen Studio, the film’s co-producer, has given notice to the digital agency. 25 crores for wrongdoing. Notice of compensation!

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‘Master’ First at the World Box Office
Not just the box office of the Indian cinema, but ‘The Master’ has become the highest grossing film of last weekend’s box office. 81 crores in Tamil Nadu, Rs 20 crores in Andhra Pradesh-Telangana, Rs 14 crores in Karnataka and Rs 7.5 crores in Kerala. And other states have got 2.5 crores of data. The film’s producers have made a profit of Rs 125 crore from the box office in India. Got the income. If foreign earnings were added, the total would be Rs 150 crore. Box office sources have heard that it will.

‘The Master’ cried out at the box office despite many problems! How much did you earn on the first day?