Let the audience remember their hometown!


  • A new cinema of North Karnataka talents
  • Audio Released SA Chinnegoud
  • A new movie of a different title

For a new movie produced by most of North KarnatakaYours‘That is the title. The audio launch of the film was held at the Karnataka Film Artists Association. Senior Producer S.A. Chinnagedavar and actress Rupika, Harish was the chief guest at the event. ‘Newcomers have joined and made this film. Be on the same cinema release. Keeping a good distributor while the film releases, guides them on how to move. Cinema can be done somehow, but it is very difficult to release, ‘Chinnagrader told the film industry.

Producer Ravichandran is a fan
Rajasekhara Chandrasekhar Davanageri (Ranebennur) produced the film. He also played a negative role. He has named his banner ‘Hathaway Cine Creations’. ‘I am a fan of Ravichandran. There must be a way of achieving life, and we can achieve it already. The title is meant to remind everyone of their hometown when ‘Nimmoor’. When ‘Nimmur’ is meant to remember the events that took place there. We’ve all worked hard on the picture. A village is always about love, politics, peasant issues. This is the picture that kept it all. And the message of the collision is in the picture, ‘says the producers.

Attempts to remember hometown
Lucky Ram and Veena are seen as hero-heroines. Vijay, who has been working in the cinema industry for the last five years, has made his debut with the story, screenplay, dialogue and lyrics. ‘Everyone who sees the film will remember their hometown. The producers are my friends. When the story was ready and passed on to them, they happily proceeded to produce it. The best story is in the movie. There are 3 fight, 5 songs. We have shot for a total of 76 days, including song and speech, around Kolegala, Hassan, Bangalore and Sakleshpur. The story is based on a real event, with characters who are very close to the nativity. It’s a package with all kinds of entertainment elements, ‘he says.

Unilateral solution to the problems of Kannada cinema Discussion with CM Decision: DCM

The producers took to the stage and felicitated the villagers who cooperated during the shooting. Madhusudan D is the music director of the film. Abhinandan Kashyap has worked. V. While Palanivelu is cinematographed, the rest of the cast includes Trivikram, Mustache Anjinappa, Srikanth Honnavalli, Sidhu Mandya and Manjunath.

Shine Shetty, Priyanka, Sadhu Kokila and Sreejan Modtu with policemen