Kannada movie ‘Our child’ shows at UNESCO


  • Our child about child abuse
  • Exhibition at the UNESCO Program
  • K. Ganesan directed cinema

A film has been made in Kannada with serious issues like child abduction and child abuse. Its title is’Our child‘It’s me. Director of more than 10 cinematic experience at Sandalwood K. Information Technology Ganesan He has directed the film ‘Namma Magu’. The film has been acclaimed at 14 film festivals in various countries. The film is currently on display at a UNESCO affiliate, the International Organization for Migration (IOM). This is the first and only Kannada movie to be screened there.

The ‘Namma Magu’ cinema screened at an event organized by IOM in collaboration with India’s American and American Center. In January this year, ‘National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month’ was selected for the screening of ‘Our Child’ cinema as part of a program to raise awareness about human trafficking in India.

“The closing ceremony will be held in Delhi on January 21, and the directors and representatives of the cinema world will discuss the film. It was so fun. I’m going to be involved in that program too. But, what is tedious is that our cinema has been screened in different countries. However, it is still not being performed on our land, ”said Ganesh. Ganesan plays a journalist in the film.

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The trailer of the movie has been launched. The child actress was featured prominently in the film ‘Babyshree’. Our directors are very cinematic. The movie is very real. ‘ A gang of rebels kidnaps the girl, cuts off her tongue and sends her to beg. Later, the girl is rescued by a journalist and brought to the police, but she falls into the same network again and again. The story of a girl trying to escape from him is like in this movie.

Actor Shashikumar is a specialist in children’s cinema