Jhansi Kaverrappa, the ‘Seetha Vallabha’ actress, turned down the role of a heroine in the movie Kahasatiya!

(Interview Part 2 – Padmashree Bhatt)

The house is three doorsJhansi Subbayya, a famous serial actress like ‘Seeta Vallabha’, entered the field of cinema when she had opportunities. In an interview with ‘Vijaya Karnataka’, he said why he did this.

When will the screen appear again?

I can only pretend to be challenging characters. You need the freedom to handle the role. Costume and acting also require some freedom. The performer must be given the freedom to act.

Faced with the remuneration problem?

Newcomers give more money to those who don’t have much money for experience. I spend too much money on costumes. The remuneration paid to us should be enough for a costume.

What do you say to those who believe in acting?
Actors must work with a different income besides acting. It is not advisable to just act when there is difficulty at home, we cannot meet our needs. Now you can make a serial on a channel. Only a few have a different role in a different channel.

It is difficult to get a serial after another.
For me Seeta Vallabha serial Doing so is allowed by a different channel. Some have this opportunity. Gossips can arise like this. People talk about us in front of us. All you need to do is to make a character who does not shake his head.

You starred as a heroine in cinema, you are a villain in serials … Why?

The directors cooperated with me to appear in a negative shade that I could see through my eyes. We shouldn’t be playing the same role. Choosing roles that emphasize acting. We need to adapt to the context, the context. The heroine must always be cast. There are people who come from cinema to serial, from serial to cinema.

What is the secret to fitness?
Women need exercise and walking because of hormonal changes. I’ve been exercising for the past 30 years. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Mix bacon, onion, gooseberry, yogurt packs and apply to the hair. I also have papaya and rice porridge on the face.

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Why did you move away from cinema?
I did a lot of auditions. He was known for his heroine role. Had been insulted enough times. Once I was picked up for heroin and brought in another heroine. I did the item dance in the moment moment cinema. Choreographer Harsha had choreographed. After 4 days of hard dancing, I looked pretty good. The song was cut so long that the cinema was too long. I was crying. I was a little girl, and for me, the pronunciation of Kannada was not so good. Some people were laughing at me. Then when I was reduced to talking to someone else, some people told me they were egotistical. I only knew what my problem was.
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