Is Vijay Vijay’s eye on the movie ‘Master’ before it is even released?


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Dileep Vijay starrer ‘Master’ cinema is to be released lavishly on January 13. Vijay fans are looking forward to the movie with great anticipation. In particular, there was some debate over the issue of filling seats in the theater. In the meantime Master Cinema There is doubt as to whether the mischiefs have fallen on them.

Is ‘Master’ a leak?
The question was whether the Master would release in the OTT. The ‘master’ team had said that they would release it in the theater itself. Vijay Team is preparing to release ‘Master’ in the movie theaters even though it is late. Meanwhile, a tweet by distributors has raised doubts about whether ‘master’ cinema is piracy. Seven Screen Studios tweeted, “Please tell us if you watch some scenes online of Master Cinema, starring Dalapati Vijay.” Those who have seen this tweet say that it is a ‘master’ cinema leak from unknown sources.

The character introduction is as follows!

And Vijay, the Commander-in-Chief Vijay Sethupathi The film is about to fight face to face. Malavika Mohan is playing a young professor. General Vijay has been portrayed as a drunkard Professor JD. Sethupathi will play the villain Bhawani. The film’s promotional work is already underway.

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Release in 500 theaters!
Lokesh Nagaraj is the definitive film. There is music. ‘Master’ Cinema will be released in 4 languages ​​simultaneously including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. A total of 500 theaters in South and Central India will release ‘Master’. As Vijay fans in Malaysia are worried that there is a lockdown and the cinema cannot be seen. So they are asking the film crew to release in OTT too.
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