I like the story of Tamil directors: Shivanna talks about Kollywood cinema!


  • Shivanna in acting cinema
  • Star director who came to Bangalore and told the story
  • A new movie starring Chian Vikram
  • ‘Hatrick Hero’ to be announced soon

Harish Basavaraj
Art talents have no language. Whatever their language, their religion is to please the audience. Following this policy, many pro-language stars have come and guest starred in a lot of Kannada movies. Many come and go from here. Now the actor Shivrajkumar His turn. A few days ago Kollywood In the list of star directors Karthik Subbaraju He had come to Bangalore and met Shivraj Kumar and told him the story. Shivanna had earlier demanded to act in this movie.

Talking about the story and many other things, Shivraj Kumar said, ‘I have seen Kartik Subbaraju’s previous films. They are good directors. Monne came and told the story. Very nice. It is the story of Unique that I have never heard. There are plenty of emotional scenes. I like the story. Since there are so many commitments in Kannada, I will tell you when the dates will come and see them soon. ”

‘My character cannot reveal all the details, including the character’s name. Everything will be revealed in the next 10 days or so, ‘says Shivanna. The story of Shivrajkumar is that Sandalwood is the talk of the time being, no matter how difficult the story is. So, the sources say that they will also star in the film. This will make Shivraj Kumar an entry into Kollywood.

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Shivrajkumar is a guest star in the story of Karthik Subbaraj. In this picture Chian Vikram Acting. Shivanna’s acting is likely to be dubbed in Kannada as some of the Kannada stars are releasing in Tamil. Now it is a multilingual film when star actors like Shivraj Kumar are cast. And it will also benefit the producer in terms of marketing. There will be an official announcement in the near future from the film crew and the details of Shivanna’s character will be revealed.

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‘There are lots of offers to act in a different language. But the story, character and combination become important. Karthik Subbaraju and Vikram’s cinema is excellent in all these respects. But I will take care of my dates and tell them, ”Shivraj Kumar said.

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