I have survived, I have come past the worst event; Singer Raghu Dixit!


  • Raghu Dixit, who has sung many languages ​​along with Kannada
  • Raghu posted on social media with boredom
  • Uploading false news video against actor-actresses

Social media has been quite powerful lately. Social media is all about sharing content. Money is also earned through this. Many start their own YouTube channel and earn more and more views. But if done the right way, then the good?

Many people do something to get more views on YouTube. They make false claims about the personal lives of actors and actresses. Especially since many artists have died, married to them. Both of those artists are getting married. Thus spreading many untruths.

Actress a few days back Meghna Raj A photo of another child was taken claiming to be Sarja’s child. The child in the video was confirmed by Meghana Social Media that I am not. The actress who starred in ‘Srirastu Shubhamstu’ and ‘Radha Ramana’ a few years back Shweta R Prasad A website posted false news that he had died. Shweta’s husband RJ Prasad then sparked the website.

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A few days ago the singer, the music director Raghu Dixit He has committed suicide, according to a YouTube channel. That idea has fallen on Raghu eye too. A video has been uploaded in the heading, ‘Famous singer Raghu Dixit committed suicide, what happened to Kannada cinema in tears’ Raghu Dixit responded, ‘Report this Youtube channel which is giving false news for view reasons. I’ve lived it too. I have experienced many bad events in life and have come forward. I have also received a piece of cake as a treat. ”

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