Glaze of Meghana Raj-Chiru’s Son & Foot! Photo is viral


  • Actress Meghna Raj’s son Jr. Chiru
  • A special gift photo is viral
  • Gold lacquer for the foot and palm
  • Family healed by Kovid-19

Actress Meghana Raj A photo she recently shared on social media is getting Sakhat’s attention. Jr. in it. Chiru’s cute feet and high heels are highlighted. This is a special gift for Meghana.

A gift made in the form of an ‘impression’ that will keep our dear footprints and palm forever. In it Chiranjeevi Sarja Son’s feet and palm mold look adorable. Meghana Raj Sakhat is happy to receive this gift. He wrote about it on social media.

She shared a photo of the gift on social media, saying, ‘When you have a goodie in the frame!’ Jr. Thanks to Gas Impressions and Frames for perpetuating Chiru’s little feet and hands. Jr. Chiru is definitely happy, ‘wrote Meghna. This gift photo goes viral in the Chiranjeevi fan zone.

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Now, a few days ago, Chiru’s family faced a corona. He was currently in his hometown and was a Kovid-19 positive. His father Sunder Raj And the mother Pramila Joshai They were also infected with the corona. Now everyone has recovered. Prior to that, Corona was positive for Dhruva Sarja and his wife Pravrana.

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