‘Darling’ Krishna-Rachita Ram to be released in one movie!


  • Darling Krishna is the new movie
  • Rachita, the heroine of Krishna
  • Soon the muhurta

Leading Sandalwood’s most sought-after actresses is ‘Dimple Queen’ Rachita Ram. Not only Kannada, but Tamil and Telugu. Now they have agreed to a new movie in which they will share screen space with ‘Darling’ Krishna of Love Mocktail fame. What, then, is that cinema? Who are the directors? Here’s the information.

Film directed by Deepak

This new movie starring Rachita-Krishna is not named. It is directed by Deepak Gangadhar. This is the first film for Deepak, who has had experience distributing over a hundred films including ‘Kalidasa Kannada Meshtu’ and ‘Enane Naadhe’. Deepak, MD, who has worked in hanging lamp production for many years. Sridhar has also worked with Kaviraj as co-director. The hero-heroine has been selected for this new movie and is due to be released soon. Madan Kumar and Laxmi Narayan Raju Aras are producing the film.

Krishna’s wedding on Feb. 14

Krishna is getting married to actress Milana Nagaraj on February 14. The couple, who had been in love for many years, is now on the verge of collapsing. Now, Krishna Kai has a line of movies. He has been busy in films like ‘Sugar Factory’, ‘[email protected]’, ‘Sooner Welfare Promotion’ and ‘Mr. Bachelor’. And ‘Love Mocktail 2’ is in the works. Significantly, the first song of their movie ‘Love Mocktail 2’ will be released on the day of the wedding (Feb 14).

Kannada actress-actresses in demand for multilingual cinema

Rachita has more than ten movies
Dimple Queen is also busy with Sakhat. Ramesh Aravind’s ‘100’ and ‘Jogi’ Prem directed ‘Ek Love Ya’ are all set to be released. In addition, Prajwal has accepted films like ‘Veeram’ with Devaraj, ‘Monsoon Raga’ with Dolly Dhananjay, ‘Lilly’, ‘April’, ‘Pankaja Kasturi’, ‘Super Machchi’ in Telugu and ‘Matni’ with actor Satish Neenasam. Now Darling Krishna has given the green signal for a new movie.

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