Darling Krishna new movie with Deepak Gangadhar, member of Hanging Light Production!


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  • The wedding of Milana, Krishna on February 14, 2021
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Last year’s super hit movie ‘Love mocktail‘Krishna of fame has now accepted another new film. Deepak Gangadhar, a distributor who has distributed more than a hundred films including Yajaman, Amar, Saira Narasimha Reddy, Kalidasa Kannada Mesh, I mean this film. This new movie is going to be released soon.

Deepak, who made his entry into Kannada cinema as an assistant director, later served as a member of the hangar production company for several years. MD Sridhar has worked with Kaviraj and other directors as a co-director and as a writer and filmmaker.

He is also involved in the film Renaissance Days. Now Darling Krishna She is making her directorial debut through acting. Madan Kumar and Lakshmi Narayan Raju Aras are producing the film.

Darling Krishna has a handful of movies. His directorial venture ‘Love Mocktail 2’ is to be released. In addition, he has acted in films such as ‘Sugar Factory’, ‘[email protected]’, ‘Sooner Welfare Promotion’ and ‘Mr. Bachelor’. On February 14, 2021, Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj The wedding will be held. Krishna’s challenge to marriage is to work with cinema.

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Sandalwood invites artists, directors and technicians including Milana and Krishna to the wedding. Dare to be a full moon on February 14th. There will be a dinner program that same evening. Like a wedding in the middle of a swimming pool.

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