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Sandalwood’s current cute couple is Milana Nagaraj and ‘Darling’ Krishna. The couple, who had been in love for many years, were dating last year and soon Marriage It was supposed to be. The wedding is now scheduled. Milan-Krishna Saptapadhi will be celebrated on Valentine’s Day. And so, that same day will be a lovely gift for the fans! What is

Love Mocktail 2 Song Release!
‘Love Mocktail’ was a super hit last year. This is the first film Krishna directed, acted and produced. It was Saat who gave it Milana Nagaraj. The cinematic sequel that the pair made so lovingly together is now ready. Yes, Krishna has finished most of ‘Love Mocktail 2’. What’s special is that the wedding party is planning to release the first song of the movie on the day of their wedding.

Cinema with music by Nakul Abhyankar
Its songs also contributed to the ‘Love Mocktail’ movie hit. The talent behind it was Raghu Dixit. He was initially selected as music director for ‘Love Mocktail 2’. ‘Love mocktail 2“Raghu Dixit was one of the first to hear the story of the film and became an exit. Even though he wrote about it on Facebook. But then it changed a lot. According to sources, there is no compromise between Krishna and Raghu Dixit in terms of remuneration. So the singer Nakul Abhyankar has been selected as the music director instead of Raghu Dixit!

Why did Darling Krishna, who was a loverboy in ‘Love Mocktail’, now become Devdas?

Rachel David is the heroine for Part 2
Rachel David is the heroine of the movie Love Mocktail 2. This is his first movie. However, Nidhima’s role as Milana in ‘Love Mocktail’ was well liked by everyone. However, that role ends in Part 1. Whether or not Milana was cast in Part 2 remains to be seen. The rest are starring Sushmita, Abhilash, Khushi Achar. It was photographed by Mr. Crazy Minds.

‘Love Mocktail’ actress Milana Nagaraj shared information about marriage