‘Dalapati’ Vijay fans will be given a ‘master’ movie every evening!


  • ‘Dalapati’ is a ‘master’ movie starring Vijay
  • The first star film to appear in 2021
  • Preparations for a nationwide lavish release on Jan. 13
  • Pictures sharing a new promo every day

The first high-budget star film to debut in 2021 is ‘Dilapati’ starring VijayMaster‘The picture. Released in multilingual on Jan. 13, cinematographers are expecting a lot of attention. Accordingly, the makers of Sakhat plan to entertain the fans.

The film’s teasers and posters have already attracted a lot of attention. In addition, the film has launched another campaign. Just a few days after the release of ‘The Master’ has been launched into a frenzy of surprise promos. New evening promos are being released each evening. They are going viral on social media.

If everything is as it should be, the film should be released by 2020. But the producers did not come forward to release the reason for the lockdown. The film did not agree with the suggestion of looking directly at the OTT. Waiting until now, the film is being released in a big way on Jan. 13.

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Vijay is the villain in this movie Vijay Sethupathi Starring. That is why ‘Master’ has created a huge amount of hype. Now, Tamil Nadu’s movie theaters The 100-seat fill has been approved by the state government. This will greatly benefit the ‘master’ producers. % In Karnataka There has been a demand for 100-seat filling.

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