Court fined actor for using this oil in 6 weeks


  • Anoop Menon Ambassador for Hair Oil Company
  • Acting in false hopeful advertising
  • Complaint to court from registered customers
  • The court ruled in favor of the consumer

Hair It is a universal problem. Many people have this problem without the age limit. Many pharmaceutical oil companies are busy claiming to be the solution. Now Malayalam actor Anoop Menon has acted in an advertisement for such a company Consumer Court Has been fined.

In an advertisement for a private oil company that promises that hair will be born in just 6 weeks if this oil is used Anoop Menon Had acted. That Advertising Many who saw it had bought oil. But the result was not satisfactory. This caused a customer to climb the stairs. The trial court has fined the company and its ambassador Anoop.

‘I first paid Rs 376 in 2012 after seeing the ad. I bought this oil. Anoop said in the ad that the hair would come in 6 weeks. Regular use of oil did not produce hair. It makes me feel humiliated in front of family and friends. 5 lakhs for that. We have to provide relief, ”the customer Francis Odakkan said in the complaint.

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Actor Anoop Menon was also questioned in connection with the complaint. ‘I’ve never used this oil. I only use our mother’s oil at home, ‘she admitted before the court. An oil company and Anoop get Rs. The court ruled that relief should be granted.

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