B.C. Patil appeals


  • Covid-19 vaccine is a noninvasive rule
  • 100% of the movie theater is not allowed
  • Cinema chiefs insist on state government
  • Re-appealing to the government, Minister B.C. Patil

Coronavirus The film industry has been choked by the shot. One hundred and one hundred in the state Movie theater To let them fill Kannada cinema I have appealed to the government, ”Agriculture Minister B.C. Patil said.

B.C. Patil and Kovid have suffered considerable damage to the film industry. Various activities and gatherings are being held in the AC halls. People are joining more often. The central government has allowed 100 per cent seating in theaters. He said he would appeal again for the same in our state.

Health is important in such a case. So let’s take care of the health and take action and let 100 per cent cinema fill. This was brought to the notice of the President of the Producers’ Association when CM approved 100 per cent seating in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The B.C. Said Patil.

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The whole film industry is one of those things. All of the star actors are appealing to the government through social media. Many, including Dhruva Sarja, Puneet Rajkumar, Shivrajkumar, Srimurali and Dali Dhananjaya, are demanding 100 per cent seating. Everyone is raising their voice that cinema should not be unfair.

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