After appearing as a prisoner and cop, now in the new avatar, Nataraj entry!


  • Rama Rama Ray is the actor to point out from the movie
  • Nataraj, who played the prisoner and the police
  • A talent who came to ‘undergraduate’ college

He acted as a prisoner in the film ‘Rama Rama Ray’ Nataraj Everyone else pointed out. Sudheer Sannabhog, director of ‘Anantu Versus Nusrat’, has recently acted as a CCB officer in Murder Mystery. Nataraj, who has thus lifted the incarnations of a prisoner and a police officer, has now painted another special character. What is this role like? Here’s the information.

Bhattara is an actor in ‘Undergraduate’

‘Undergraduate’ is a film produced under the banner of Yogaraj Cinemas and Ravi Shamanur Films. Hariprasad Jayanna is responsible for directing it. The shooting of the film is currently on a rampage and it is Nataraj’s return to the team. He is playing a major role in the film. That is the role of the college lecturer.

A very enjoyable character
Nataraj, who shares information on acting in ‘undergraduate’ cinema, said: ‘I am very happy to have acted in this film. I have a role as lecturer. I started shooting my song with a song. Sagittarius Master has done great choreography. This is the first film for director Hariprasad Jayanna. However, their work does not matter. As a very experienced person, well done. Actor Sharat Lohitashwa also stars here. Working with him has made me feel good, ‘says Nataraj.

A cinema of newcomers talents

Almost all new artists are cast in ‘undergraduate’ cinema. Nataraj also praises them. ‘The hero of the film, Prithvi Shamanoor, though new, has learned all too soon. Like her, actresses Anjali and Yasha are also doing their best. I am very happy to have worked with this team. Once when I was shooting Yogaraj Bhatt He even came to the set. ‘

Nataraj, a prisoner in ‘Rama Rama Ray’, is now a Khadak Police Officer!

The second phase of the film has just been completed. Returning to Bangalore, filming scenes and songs in some of the most beautiful spots around the Malnad, the film crew is preparing for the third phase of filming. Arjun is composing music for ‘Undergraduate’. The lyrics are written by Yogaraj Bhatt. Santosh Rai Pathaje works as a photographer.

Yasara Shivkumar enrolled at Yogaraj Bhatt’s ‘Pre-graduate’ college!