Actor Ponnanna backs Nagendra Aras movie ‘Chair’

It was a cinema event. The title of the film, the teaser, had to be released. The veteran actor is the main guest of the show Great Had arrived. Even the guests were invited on the stage, such as Ponnanna.

The big chair hawkro said to me. The chair came onto the stage as he said it. Some may wonder if the senior actors were not invited to the cinema. There is a reason why, when the title was unveiled, the name of the movie was ‘chair’. For this reason, he said that he was sorry when he knew that he did not put a chair on the stage. Thus began the news conference of the ‘chair’ cinema. The director, then, shared some information about Tarabalaga Cinema.

‘Everyone wants something. Bengaluru Chennai, Mumbai etc will be shooting for the next day .. Cinema will be shooting, not dubbing. There are no songs, not even Hero. Hero is the character that people like. Another search for artists is underway. The shooting will take place within the first week of March. It will be released in Hindi too, ”said Manu Shetahalli.

A genius from the village. May you have success internationally. The ego will do good otherwise. Actor Ponnanna wishes Kuchi ೯ Cinema that if you work hard you will get everything.

All in this movie is for Kuchi ೯, for Kasi. Dinesh Mangalore says it is great to see people who are passionate and passionate about film.

Four seats on the chair. Four people to pull it. It is everywhere. The language is out of bounds. The film is now being made in four languages. Chandrashekhar Bandiappa has said that it will be good.

Also, when will the ‘horror night’ movie, which is a horror story, be released?

Dad and big brother had done cinema. Right now I’m acting with him .. Here’s the actor that I’m doing instead of editing Nagendra Urs Has said.

Named Kuchi ೯, the film will be released in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. The film has Manu Ke Shethahalli sleeping. Shafi, Achyut Kumar, Nagendra Urs, Dinesh Mangalore, Vaibhav Etagi are among the cast.
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