1 lakh for selling a roadside idli Actor Ajith! What is the reason for giving money?


  • 1 lakh to Idli trader The actor who gave
  • Ajit paid in Hyderabad
  • A good reason to give money

Actor Ajith has a huge fan following in Kollywood. They are recognizing many good causes throughout the film. As a matter of simplicity, they are often news. Now they are in the news for another good reason. 1 lakh to a poor family living in a roadside idli in Hyderabad. Has given. Why did they pay so much? Here’s information on that.

Ajit was eating Idli on the side of the road
Ajit Acting long-awaited ‘Valimai“The shooting of the film is going on in Hyderabad. As soon as he finished shooting, Idli was going to a shop that was selling in a nearby bush every night. He liked the idli taste of it and made it a habit to go there everyday. He then talked to the poor merchant and got information about his family.

Ajit paid for children’s education
Ajit knows that the poor businessman is struggling for the education of children. So, they have sent Rs 1 lakh to their idli seller through their helpers. In addition, the money is said to educate children. This was revealed in a tweet by Cinema Trade Analyst Ramesh Bala. There is information on this. Sakhat is currently trending on Twitter. Fans are seduced by the good quality of a favorite actor.

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The Big Budget
Now, ‘Valaimai’ is getting ready for a big budget. After ‘Nerkonda Parvai’ Vinod, Bonnie Kapoor This is the second film to be made. Ajith is seen here as a police officer. Cinema is getting ready on a big budget. Starring Huma Qureshi, Telugu Karthikeya Gumkonda, Yogi Babu. Yuvan Shankar Raja is directing the music. If Corona hadn’t been annoying, this movie would have been out of date.

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