1 lakh for construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya Actress Pranitha Subhash donates Rs.


  • Pranita Saath to build Ram Mandir
  • One lakh Rs. Donated actress
  • Requesting fans to donate
  • Rama devotees appreciation for Pranitha’s work

Actress is also involved in social work Pranita Subhash. Now they are The Ram Mandir Hands on construction work. That is, one lakh rupees has been donated. Also, fans have been invited to donate as much as possible.

“Hi everyone .. As you all know, the construction of Srirama Mandir in Ayodhya is just beginning. For that Fund Dedication Campaign Has also begun. I have also contributed to it. I request you all to join hands. Jai Shriram has said in the video,

Ayodhya 1 lakh for construction of Ram Mandir. I humbly swear to donate. You are also involved in this historical movement, ”wrote Pranitha on social media. The devotees of Rama are called Bhesh for this action of a Kannada actress who is multilingual. He is being praised everywhere.

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Jai Sriram… You have taken a step that no Kannada actress has ever made. On the one hand there are the devotees, on the other are the devotees of Rama. May the blessings of Prabhu Rama be with you forever, ”commented a fan. Inspired by the words of Pranita Subhash, some fans are already donating and sharing their screenshot.

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