Kangana Ranaut Post: Kangana spoke sharp words, said- I have not been brought up by any villager, I will kill you by entering the house

Kangana Ranaut Post: Kangana spoke sharp words, said- I have not been brought up by any villager, I will kill you by entering the house
Kangana Ranaut has once again been seen venting anger against the film mafia on social media. Kangana has shared this anger on her Instagram story. In her post, Kangana has raised her voice against the film mafia and said that they should reform or else they have even threatened to enter the house and kill them.

Kangana has written in this post, ‘Let me tell those who were worried for me that since last night no such suspicious activity has happened around me, no one is following me neither with camera nor without camera. Of. Look, the ghosts who believe with kicks, they only believe with kicks.’

Said- this message is for Changu Mangu gang

He has further written, ‘This message is for the Changu Mangu gang- Children, you have not been raised by any villager, improve yourself or else I will kill you by entering the house and those who think that I am mad, you know that I am mad. I am but do not know how big I am. Know the things before this whole story once again.

Kangana had accused of stalking

Daras Kangana Ranaut recently said on her Instagram story that someone is following her, someone is spying. He had said that he was being followed from the streets to the parking lot of the building and even on the roof of the house. Not only this, he also said that he also uses a zoom lens to capture them. Kangana had said, ‘Paparazzi can meet stars only when they are informed about it and they click only when they are paid. If I or my team do not give them money then who is giving?

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Kangana said- a Casanova and his wife are following him

Kangana had said that I came out at 6:30 in the morning, my pictures were clicked, how do they get the schedule. He had written – what does he do with these photographs, nobody knew about my movements, so how did he know. Kangana also wrote in her post that maybe a Casanova and his wife are following her and leaking their WhatsApp chats. Kangana has not written anyone’s name but seeing the way things have been said, people have said that she is hinting towards Ranbir and Alia!

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Said- Vice President of Mafia Bridget

Kangana wrote that she is sure that her WhatsApp data is being leaked. Kangna pointed out and said- This obsessed Napo mafia who once reached my door uninvited, who is famous as a womanizer, had relations with many women and is now the Vice President of Mafia Bridget. Kangana wrote, ‘Forced my wife to become a producer, do women-centric films and she wears the same clothes as me and has got the interior done like my house. He has hired my stylist and his wife encourages such behavior. She wore the same saree for her wedding that I wore for my brother’s wedding reception. This is weird. A costume design friend who was with me for more than a decade is now working with this couple.

‘If he is in trouble, his partner and child will also be in trouble’

Not only this, Kangana further accused both of them and said, ‘My financiers and business partners cancel the deal at the last moment without giving any reason. I have a feeling that he is trying to put me under mental stress. They both live on different floors in the same building. My advice is that she (the girl) should deny doing all this, how is she getting all this data and what is she doing with it. If he gets into trouble, his partner and child will also get into trouble.

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