Kangana Ranaut again rained on Bollywood, questioning all the stars and asked – why are you hesitant?

Kangana Ranaut, who is busy promoting the movie ‘Dhaakad’, has once again targeted Bollywood. She recently attended Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan’s Eid party, where all the stars praised the trailer of her movie, but everyone has kept silence on social media. In such a situation, Kangana has raised questions on this. He also said that many stars in Bollywood are insecure about him.

While talking to RJ Siddhartha Kanan, Kangana Ranaut revealed that many people in the film industry are reluctant to praise her. She said, ‘These people do not want to praise me. Sometimes I feel that there is no lobby, but people have their own insecurities. I met Kiara that day and she praised me. He said watch both the films (Dhaakad and Bhool Bhulaiyaa). Said a lot more. I don’t think there is any pressure. I always say that everyone is a feminist, but until they actually see a woman rise up. Then it hurts a little. I went to a Bollywood party (Eid party of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita). Everyone in the party was talking about the trailer. Why are you all so hidden when you are so impressed with the trailer? (Why is there silence on social media).’

‘I always praise first’
Kangana further said that although she is always the ‘first’ to praise the work of others. She said, ‘Whenever I see a work, be it ‘RRR’ or ‘Pushpa’, I appreciate it. I was the first to praise ‘The Kashmir Files’. I was also the first one to congratulate Kriti Sanon for ‘Mimi’. I’ve always been the first. There is no work which I like and which I do not appreciate. Not that I will say ‘Oh wah wah’ to every upcoming movie, but if it touches my heart and it’s a good deed, I will definitely appreciate it.

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Amitabh Bachchan praised, then deleted the video
Recently, Amitabh Bachchan posted the trailer of Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Dhaakad’ on social media and praised her. He deleted the post within about 5 minutes of it. Now Kangana has expressed surprise over this and asked who is the pressure on such a tall person? He said that this is really surprising.

Kiara did the same thing

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When Kangana went to Arpita Khan’s Eid party, when she met Kiara Advani there. Both the films ‘Dhaakad’ and ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ are releasing in theaters on May 20. In such a situation, while sharing a small video on her Instagram status, Kiara said that please both go to see the movie. Kangana was also seen in this. However, Kiara deleted the post she did in the night and then shared it again the next morning! Now no one knows why he did this.