Johnny Depp: Johnny Depp was battling erectile dysfunction, claims Amber Heard – that’s why the bottle was inserted in the vagina

Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard have been in the news recently due to their defamation lawsuit. During the hearing of this case, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard made many sensational allegations against each other. However, the case was decided in favor of Johnny Depp and the court has ordered Amber to pay $10 million in damages. Now after the verdict, more than 6 thousand court documents related to this case have come out in which many sensational claims have been made.

Amber claims, Johnny was suffering from erectile dysfunction
During the hearing of the case, Amber Heard’s lawyers had claimed that Johnny Depp is unnamed and is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Due to this, he used to indulge in sexual violence with Amber Heard. One such document presented by Amber’s lawyers claimed that Johnny Depp was undergoing treatment for erectile dysfunction. During the trial, Amber’s lawyer wanted to present the paper as evidence in the court.
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Johnny used to beat Amber because of erectile dysfunction?
According to this document, Amber Heard wanted to claim that Johnny Depp was suffering from erectile dysfunction. Because of this, he also used to beat up Amber. A statement from Amber’s team claimed that Johnny Depp, while intoxicated, had inserted a bottle of alcohol into Amber Heard’s vagina due to erectile dysfunction. Amber’s team has also claimed that Johnny wanted to hide his erectile dysfunction from the actress and because of this, used to commit sexual violence.
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Johnny’s team refutes Ember’s claims
However, on the other hand, Johnny Depp’s team had said in their argument that Amber Heard wanted to embarrass the actor during the trial by claiming erectile dysfunction. Johnny’s team also claimed that Amber’s allegation of erectile dysfunction or the actor’s medical history and treatment had nothing to do with the case. Amber had claimed during the hearing that in 2015 in Australia, Johnny Depp was assaulted under the influence of alcohol and drugs and inserted a bottle of alcohol into his vagina.
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What was the whole matter?
Let us tell you that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met in the year 2009. After dating for many years, both of them got married in 2015. However, this marriage did not last long and in 2016 both of them separated. After this, Johnny and Amber got divorced in 2017. After the divorce, in 2018, Amber wrote an article in The Washington Post in which she accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence without naming her. Johnny then sued Amber Heard for defamation, claiming that the article had tarnished her image and lost many films.

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