Johnny Depp Amber Heard Case: Losing the case to Johnny Depp, Amber Heard said – I will not get into legal troubles, I will tell all the truth to my daughter

Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been in the news recently due to their case. In this case, some such things about the relationship of both came out which were very sensational and everyone was surprised by the allegations leveled against each other. Now the case has been decided in the favor of Johnny Depp and Amber is again giving her clarification in the media. Now Amber has given such a statement that may bother Johnny Depp going forward.

Amber has suffered heavy losses
Amber Heard’s image in the case with Johnny Depp has been hit hard. During this, a lot of derogatory things were spread about Amber in the news. Now even after losing the case, his loss is not decreasing because a big film has come out of his hands. However, Amber has said that she will not give up and will continue to fight this battle against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.
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Amber said – I will tell all the truth to my daughter
Now Amber Heard has said in a recent interview that she will tell her daughter what happened to her. Amber said that now instead of getting into legal trouble, she will raise her daughter. Amber said that maybe one day she would tell her daughter what she had to go through with Johnny Depp. Amber said that she would tell her daughter what was right and so that her daughter could stand firmly on her own feet.
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Can Johnny drag Amber to court again?
Let us tell you that Amber Heard has lost her case to Johnny Depp. The court ordered him to pay $15 million in damages to Johnny. Even after this case, Amber fears that Johnny might once again drag her into legal trouble. He said that he has no regrets on his statement in the court. However, a lawyer has said that on Amber’s statement in the court, Johnny can once again drag Amber to the court. He said that Amber in her statement called Johnny a liar and refused to obey the court’s order, after which a case could be made against the actress once again.

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