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Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review & Download

Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review & Download: Jayamma Panchayathi starring Anchor Suma was released yesterday May 06, 2022. She came into theaters with Arjuna Kalyanam and Srivishnu’s Bhala Tandanana in Vishwak Sen’s Ashokavanam. Despite the big films, Jayamma Panchayat was able to gross well at the box office, however, the film grossed nearly Rs 0.87 crore. 0. 87 crores is a very good collection for a short film. If the same trend continues, the film is likely to garner even more revenue, and let’s hope that Jayamma Panchayati Theaters will do well.

Despite the support of all the stars, it seems that people are not interested in Suma’s movie. Because there is no air of Suma movies on social media. No one is even talking about this movie. The image of the stars, the image of the flower .. It seems that it is not useful to buy tickets. Jayamma Panchayat Actress Actors Suma Kanakala Devi Prasad Dinesh Kumar Kadambala Shalini Kondepoodi Joy Nikita Ganesh Yadav Bhuvan Salur Gedela Trinadh Amma Ramakrishna Mayan and Thakur Reddy Maheshwara Rao de Hema. The film is directed by Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu, with music by MM Keeravani, cinematography by Anush Kumar, and production by Balaga Prakash.

Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Download Movierulz

A search on Twitter to find out what the public opinion was on the original film could not be found. No one seems to have watched the movie yet. Fans of all the heroes, however, say congratulations to Suma, all the best to the film, but not to the film itself. If you want to know the result of the movie and Suma’s acting skills, you have to wait for a while. Actually, three movies are going to be released this week. Sri Vishnu Bhala Thandana, Arjuna Kalyanam in Vishwak Sen Ashokavanam, and Suma Jayamma should see what stands in the panchayats.

Jayamma Panchayat Story Jayamma, who lives in Srikakulam, lives happily with her husband and children, but her husband has an illness and she needs money to take care of her husband, so she goes to the gram panchayat to solve her problem, where everyone is surprised to hear that the gram sabhas are another Are immersed in solving the problem. Did the Gram Sabha finally resolve the Jayamma issue? What is another problem? Is the rest of the story.

Suma Kanaka is known for her good witty anchoring, but Jayamma’s character is the complete opposite, and we have to congratulate director Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu for choosing her for such a role. The film takes place in a rural setting, the film starts well but the director takes a lot of time to introduce the characters as the audience gets engaged throughout the film as the characters and the story are like what happened in our life, the comedy scenes and the rural emotions work out well.

Jayamma Panchayati does not have a strong conflict, but it seems that the conflict associated with her husband’s illness is very simple, the first half is good with some beautiful comedy scenes and gram panchayat scenes, and the second half takes the emotions so the Chala scenes feel stretched. Suma Kanakala lives in the role of Jayamma, who is super active by nature and understands the role of Jayamma, and is very successful in acting. Devi Prasad played the role of Jayamma’s husband and he did justice to his role and the rest of the cast did a great job.

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