Jai Bhim row director TJ Gnanavel says I take responsibility for controversy Suriya should not be targeted

These days there are tremendous discussions about the film ‘Jai Bhim’, where on one hand people are very fond of this film. On the other hand, a big controversy has been added to it. Recently, the film’s director TJ Gannavel has broken the silence on this controversy. The film is accused of hurting the sentiments of Vanniyar society. TJ has apologized for these allegations. Along with this, a clarification has also been issued in this whole matter from its side. He has given his statement on Twitter.

took all the responsibility

TJ Gannavel wrote in his post that I myself take responsibility for this entire controversy and have also made it clear that it is not right to target actor Suriya in this matter. Gannavel says that the film is based on true events and he only wanted to show the pain of tribal people. He did not think that the film could get such comments.

also spoke on the calendar scene

At the same time, in the case of the controversial calendar scene, Gannavel said- ‘We did not intend to show any community through the shot of the calendar. There was only the year 1995 to be shown, when this story is set. This shot is shown only for a few seconds and it was not noticed in post-production. Let us tell you that ‘Jai Bhim’ has been released on Amazon Prime on November 1.

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