Interview: Anubhav Sinha said to the audience – You don’t deal with my crisis, you deal with your enjoyment

Interview: Anubhav Sinha said to the audience – You don’t deal with my crisis, you deal with your enjoyment
Renowned director and filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has given many hit films. But for the last few years, his films are not getting that much audience. In an exclusive conversation with us, Anubhav said that the audience should not worry so much about Bollywood. Earlier also only a few films used to be hits in the whole year, now also the same is happening.

We saw that the past year was not good for films. This year also only selected films have been able to survive at the box office. What do you see as the reason behind this?

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Only selected films were always played. We are talking too much on this subject, otherwise less films used to run earlier also. Only 10 films in a year could do well at the box office. What has changed is not this, but the change that has happened is that the rest of the films used to have a little business, but now that minimum business has become very less and sometimes it is zero. Goes close to Sometimes that minimum is much less than the old minimum. But this is what is happening at the moment.

Earlier it used to be seen that when a film used to come, it used to drag on for a week, but today is the time where a film is either running or not running?
We should not judge films on the basis of a week. ‘Tum Bin’ ran for a week in movie theatres. Was engaged in 105 theatres. Today it has been 22 years, but that film is still alive. So films should be judged according to their age. Like you can judge my film ‘Ra.One’ by its age. Similarly, every film has its own age. Some films become young late. The film ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ also started getting young from the second week. Art is a work of patience. If you read the poem again and again, you will understand more new things.

Have you felt that there has been a change in audience preferences over the years?
There is a change in the choice of the audience. What kind of films will be made in every decade, what kind of music will be made, this also changes the choice of the audience. Man cannot walk on flat ground for a long time. He also needs uphill and downhill after a while. He shouldn’t be worried at all. We care a lot about Bollywood, we should not do this. There are other things in Bollywood that need to be worried about.

Nowadays everyone is giving advice to the film industry. What does your understanding say about this? How should films be made?
I do not know. And ask those who are telling what you are saying and why you are saying it, make it clear. Business doesn’t run because of the conversation that happens in the betel shop. This social media platform is like a paan shop, where people say whatever they want, some expert opinion gives, but they don’t know anything. They don’t know how the film industry runs, how the finance is done, how the film is made.

As you are telling about finance, film making, how do you manage it. As you know what you expect from your film, how do you manage things?
I don’t know anything. If the filmmaker gets to know what I want to do, that is enough. It takes time to understand this, so what will we understand the audience. The audience is the final judge, isn’t it? In a country as diverse as India, you cannot judge what will appeal to the audience. Knowing what you are making, you make it with all the effort of your heart. There is nothing more the filmmaker can do, nor should he try. The game of second guessing is the most dangerous.

Earlier people used to form their opinion after watching the film, now positive or negative atmosphere is created about the film as soon as its trailer comes or even before its release. What an effect it has. Does it have any visible effect on the first day of the film release?

The collection of the country on the first day i.e. Friday was 1.10 crores and on Monday the film earned 1.25 crores. So now tell me what was the first day for you? This is not the job of the audience and never was. He never used to talk like this. The audience watches the film, whether they like it or not. That’s all I think the audience should do. Otherwise the motive of watching the film and enjoying it gets corrupted. You are watching the film and at that time thinking that what is the budget of the film, how much loss, how much profit, what happened on Saturday, what will happen on Monday, in between the film gets lost somewhere. Now the audience has learned new ways to understand the film on social media, it is now discussing the first and second half. Earlier someone used to say whether the film is slow or fast? For him the film was good or bad. That’s the job of the audience. You don’t deal with my crisis, you deal with your enjoyment.

The remake culture is being seen a bit more these days. But they are not getting that kind of response. What would you say about this?
Getting very good response. The ratio has always been the same as it is today. We are talking about this too much. I would like to say that do not talk so much. There is no trend, everything is as before, nothing new has happened. Earlier also 10 percent of films used to run in Bollywood, even today the same number of films are running. Out of the rest of the films, some withdraw their money and some withdraw even more, some earn less, so their success ratio is the same.

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