I am the prince of Telugu films, why should I become a beggar in Bollywood? – Mahesh Babu’s 5 year old interview goes viral

Ever since the superstar of Telugu films Mahesh Babu has said that Bollywood cannot afford him, there has been a stir ever since (Mahesh Babu statement on Bollywood). Mahesh Babu said this recently at the trailer launch of the film ‘Major’. Mahesh Babu also said that he does not want to waste time by working in any Bollywood film. Everyone was surprised when Mahesh Babu said such a thing. The question arose in my mind that brother, how much fee does Mahesh Babu charge which Bollywood cannot afford.

People are asking these questions about Mahesh Babu

People also started searching similar questions on Google. For example, how rich is Mahesh Babu? Is Mahesh Babu Really Rich? (Is Mahesh Babu rich?) Why is Mahesh Babu so famous? (Why Mahesh Babu is so famous?) Why is Mahesh Babu called ‘Prince’? (Why is Mahesh Babu called Prince?) In which movie Mahesh Babu became a billionaire? (In which movie Mahesh Babu is a billionaire?) What does the name Mahesh Babu mean?

Mahesh Babu charges 80 crores for a film

So let us tell that Mahesh Babu has been working since the age of 4. According to reports, he charges Rs 80 crore for a film today. He is called the ‘Prince’ of Telugu films because even the Urban Dictionary (Mahesh Babu Urban Dictionary meaning) has considered him a ‘sexy and charming’ actor. Mahesh Babu’s name and meaning were added to Urban Dictionary in the year 2013. Now let’s talk about the statement given about Mahesh Babu’s Bollywood debut.

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Mahesh Babu’s sharp words on Hindi cinema – Bollywood cannot afford me, does not want to waste time
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Mahesh Babu’s ‘moving’ attitude on Bollywood
Fans may be surprised that why Mahesh Babu is underestimating Bollywood and why does not want to work in this industry. Whereas in an interview given a few years back, Mahesh Babu had said that there are many such Bollywood directors in his list with whom he would like to work. But will not be able to do it for the next few years due to busy schedule.

Said 5 years ago – no matter how tempting offers you get, will not go to Bollywood

In such a situation, the statement given by Mahesh Babu about working in Bollywood is surprising. But an even more shocking statement was given by Mahesh Babu in an interview to Cine Buster a few years back. During that time when Mahesh Babu was asked that from Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and Dhanush to many South stars have worked in Bollywood. So why is he hesitant to enter Bollywood? Then Mahesh Babu replied, ‘I have no desire or interest to work in Bollywood. I have a lot of work in Telugu films. Lifelong work is here. No matter how tempting offers I get, I will never work in a Bollywood film.

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Once Mahesh Babu had a wish, have to work with big Bollywood directors

When Mahesh Babu was again questioned on the same point that he had said in another interview that he would definitely work in Bollywood if he would get some exciting offers. On this Mahesh Babu had said, ‘Yes I agree that I had said that I am ready to work in a Bollywood film. But it depends on the project and the director. When someone comes to me with an exciting idea, I will definitely accept the offer.

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Mahesh Babu’s big words – I am the prince of Telugu, why should I become a beggar in Bollywood?

Mahesh Babu had further said, ‘But at the same time I also want to make it clear that in that interview I had said that thing only to put an end to those reports, so that the round of speculations ends. I stand by what I am saying today. I would never want to get into the rat race in Bollywood. I am the prince of Telugu films. Why should I become a beggar in Bollywood films?’

From Ranveer Singh to these Bollywood actresses, Mahesh Babu has worked with

Mahesh Babu may have refused to act in Bollywood films, but he has worked in an advertisement with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. Apart from this, he has worked in films from Preity Zinta to Sameera Reddy, Bhumika Chawla, Ameesha Patel and Ilya D’Cruz. At the same time, he is also married to Namrata Shirodkar, who has been a Bollywood actress and has also worked in South.