How many people were there… Amjad Khan was not going to speak Danny this dialogue, had to leave ‘Sholay’ with great sadness

The film ‘Sholay’, which left a mark on the hearts of Hindi cine lovers, remains in the discussion even after 47 years of its release. Everyone wants to read and know with great interest the untold stories related to it, interesting incidents on the set, untold incidents. Gabbar i.e. Amjad Khan… who played such a character on screen, which became immortal forever. Today we are going to give you such information related to this character, which you have hardly heard.

How many men were there… like this dialogue still resonates in the ears. Amjad Khan was not a very famous actor at that time. Still, at the behest of Javed Akhtar, Ramesh Sippy sahib gave this role to Amjad Khan and how much justice he did to this character, it is well known.

Danny was about to get the role
Do you know that Ramesh Sippy’s first choice in ‘Sholay’ was not Amjad Khan but Danny Denzongpa. Who was famous for the negative role at that time. When Danny also heard the script, he liked it very much. He had immediately agreed to become Gabbar, but something happened, due to which he had to leave the film and after that it fell in Amjad Khan’s bag.

Amitabh took the role of ‘Jai’ in ‘Sholay’ after getting recommended, Dharmendra was insisting on becoming ‘Thakur’
was forced to leave the film
Actually, Danny had signed another movie before ‘Sholay’. So when the shooting started, there was a clash between the timings of both. Danny didn’t want to leave the film at all, but since he had already signed another film, he was forced to walk out of it.

The uniform was bought from the thief market
Let me tell you one more interesting thing. The uniform that Amjad Khan wore to become Gabbar in Sholay was bought from Chor Bazaar. It is also told that this uniform was not even washed during the entire shooting!

After the death of Amjad Khan, son Shadaab Khan was assaulted by the doctor, said – if the mother had lost courage, we would have been on the road
The film was released in 1975
‘Sholay’ was released in the year 1975. In this, many experienced actors including Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, AK Hangal, Amjad Khan, Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bachchan, Mac Mohan, Asrani were seen. It is the iconic movie of Hindi film industry.