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The web series Dil Bekaraar is releasing on November 26 on Disney Plus Hotstar. Raj Babbar is making his digital debut with this series, while Padmini Kolhapure will also be seen with him. In such a situation, Padmini Kolhapure and Raj Babbar had a special conversation with Hindustan before the release of Dil Bekraar.

Tell us something about your characters and what was the main reason for saying yes to ‘Dil Bekraar’?
Padmini Kolhapure:
The special thing for me was that Habib Faizal was directing it. After that slowly the excitement increased for me when I came to know that Poonam (Dhillon) also joined it and then Raj ji (Babbar) also got name in it. At the same time, my character is very different, which is very funny. You can say that every time a storm comes from my character, which shakes everyone.
Raj Babbar: Look, the first reason is Habib, I have never worked with him but have seen his work, which I really liked. I met him and he told me the project which got me very excited. My character was so good that I had no choice but to say yes. At the same time, after telling me about Padmini ji and Poonam ji, then the excitement and comfort increased for me. It was a pleasure working with the youth as well. Habib has created the magic of 80’s.

You have seen cinema change, in today’s cinema, has anything improved and is something lagging behind?
Raj Babbar:
Look, something has gone wrong, it doesn’t seem right. Something new always comes in every round, this is the process. In this process something new happens, something old happens, which takes it forward. Similarly, there is a difference between 80’s cinema and today’s cinema, but this difference is very beautiful. Today there is a specialization for everything, be it clothes or makeup. The family is expanding and getting bigger. Today actors are also getting good subjects.
Padmini Kolhapure: See, cinema has now become a very big family, due to which many people have started getting work. The comfort level for actors has increased a lot. You can send your dialogues by dubbing them sitting at home. Whereas earlier it was not so. Now it’s just rest. Not only actors, convenience has increased for everyone.

In comparison to earlier, abuse and nudity have increased a lot in cinema… according to you, is this a need or is it tempering for TRP?
Padmini Kolhapure:
Look, I would not like to comment on this, because I can proudly say that Dil Bekraar is a family entertainer, which you can watch with your family.
Raj Babbar: Perfect, no need to comment on others. What is the need of the subject, what is the demand of the director, it is the job of the actors to provide it. At the same time, I am debuting in the digital space. Dil Bekraar is quite a Masoom love story, which also has a vision and idealism. Along with romance, there is a lot of comedy in this series.

Any character that you have in mind and want to play?
Raj Babbar:
It is very difficult, in fact, whenever I get a new role, I get nervous whether I will be able to play it or not and this nervousness makes me work. Wanted to do my character in Baaki Dil Bekarar.
Padmini Kolhapure: I had never done theater in my life, but when I did it, I loved it, found it very challenging… so I wish I wanted to do more theater.

What are your upcoming projects?
Padmini Kolhapure:
Right now the focus is only on Dil Bekarar, I am reading the rest of the scripts. Apart from this, I have a song coming up, for which I am excited.
Raj Babbar: Look, things are going on, but… one is coming with Poonam ji. Once the rest of the matter is confirmed, then I will be able to say something concrete about it.

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