‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Danny Boyle to form TV series on Rock Band ‘Sex Pistols’

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Director who made Oscar winning film ‘Smumdog Millionaire’ Danny Boyle Are going to make a six-part TV series that famous British bands of the 70s Sex pistols Will be based on The series will be based on the memoir of guitarist Steve Jones. The series stars Anson Boon as John Leiden and Louis Patridge as Sid Vicious.

The name of this series will be ‘Pistol’. It is reported that in this series ‘Game of Thrones’ star Massey Williams will be cast as Pamela Rook while Toby Wallace will be seen in the role of Johns.

Shooting of the series will begin in March and will be broadcast on the American TV network FX. Although no UK broadcasters have announced it to air yet, it is believed to be broadcast on BBC which has already aired several American series of FX.