Rowan Atkinson will never be seen in the role of ‘Mr. Bean’, himself told the reason

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There will be very few people Mr Bean Would not have liked the comic character. British actor with this character Rowan Atkinson Became famous all over the world. Rowan has acted in a number of films and dramas but is still recognized worldwide as Mr. Bean. Now Rowan has said that he will never play Mr. Bean.

Rowan Atkinson said in a recent interview that now he will never play the role of Mr. Bean. However, he definitely said that he will definitely give his voice in an animated series based on this character. Rowan said, ‘It is easy for me to play this role only as a voice. I don’t enjoy playing this character anymore. The responsibility that has to be taken to play this character is very heavy. ‘

Rowan Atkinson further said that playing Mr. Bean’s character is very stressful and tiring. He also said that he now wants to end this character. Let me tell you that Mr. Bean’s character first appeared on TV in 1990. After that this character became famous worldwide. The popularity of this character can be gauged from the fact that Mr. Bean’s Facebook page ranks number 10 among the most liked pages worldwide.