dwayne johnson gifts his personal truck to fan: Video: dwayne johnson gifts his truck to fan

American actor popularly known as ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson ,Dwayne JohnsonDue to his style, he rules the hearts of the fans. Once again Dwayne Johnson has done such a thing that he is being praised everywhere. Actually, Dwayne Johnson has gifted his personal truck to one of his fans. A video of Dwayne Johnson has surfaced, which brought tears to people’s eyes.

Christmas came early this year for Oscar Rodriguez of the US Navy as Dwayne Johnson was gifting him his personal truck. This truck is very special for Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne Johnson has written on his Instagram account that he wants to do something special for his fans, who had invited him for a special screening of his new release Red Notice.

Dwayne Johnson further wrote that he wanted to do something unforgettable for one of his fans. He wanted to give Porsche Taycan so reached Porsche but the company refused. Then he thought that I would do something better. After this he gifted his personal truck fan.

Dwayne Johnson has shared a video on his Instagram account. In this video the fan is reading a note left on the truck. Which read, ‘Thanks for your service brother, enjoy your new truck.’ After reading this, the fan becomes emotional and hugs Dwayne Johnson tightly to express his love.

Why did Dwayne Johnson choose Oscar Rodriguez of the US Navy to give the gift? On this Dwayne Johnson said, ‘I did information about the audience, then the story of Oscar Rodriguez impressed me. He takes care of his 75-year-old mother. He has a personal trainer. There is a leader in the church. Provides aid and food for women victims of domestic violence.

Oscar Rodriguez couldn’t believe what was happening but was impressed by Dwayne Johnson’s gesture. Oscar Rodriguez shared a picture on his Instagram account with a truck gifted by Dwayne Johnson. It was written with, ‘I have no words to express how blessed and grateful I am.’

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