‘Hawkeye’ Jeremy Renner of ‘Avengers’ was seen playing in Rajasthan with lame legs, fun with school children

These days Hollywood star Jeremy Renner, who plays ‘Hawkeye’ in Marvel’s ‘Avengers’, is on a tour of India. He was recently seen playing cricket in Alwar, Rajasthan, India and now he was seen playing Stapoo, which is also called Langdi Leg and Kitkit in the language of the village-country, along with the school girls. Of course, this video of the ‘Avengers’ star playing Stupu is surprising the fans. Let us tell you that along with Jeremy Renner, Anil Kapoor has also reached there, where he has to shoot a short film.

making short film about water
Jeremy Renner and Anil Kapoor are shooting for a short film in Laxmangarh, Alwar district. Arrive. The film is about the prevention of fluoridated water. In the villages of Laxmangarh area, the amount of fluoride in the water is high, so to prevent the children from drinking fluoridated water in the schools, they are helping through an NGO and installing machines with the help of Rs.80-80 lakhs. Apart from this, with the aim of making the villagers aware, short films are being made, through which information is being given about the prevention and damage of such water.

‘Hawkeye’ of ‘Avengers’ played lame leg with schoolgirls

Hawkeye has been in India for 7 days
Both the star actors are working closely with NGOs for the purpose of creating awareness among the people. ‘Hawkeye’ Jeremy Renner has been shooting in Laxmangarh for the last three days. Today a huge crowd of people has gathered in Laxmangarh to see the favorite star. Some time ago, an Australian NGO did a survey about water in the village around Alwar. During this, the amount of fluoride was found in the water of the villages of Laxmangarh area. In such a situation, a short film is being made about water awareness, which is being shot these days. For this reason, Hawkeye has been in India for 7 days.

Machines worth Rs 80-80 lakh will be installed in five schools
Villagers told that whenever film stars have got time between shooting, they have fun with the children. NGO has also started arranging fluoride free water in 5 schools of Laxmangarh, Barodakan, Khedli. 80-80 lakh machines will be installed in these five schools. A 9 thousand liter tank will also be constructed by the organization. This will give clean water to the children.

Jeremy Renner is spending time with school children and villagers
The superhero Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) of Hollywood’s famous film series Avengers has been shooting for his series for two days in Laxmangarh, rural area of ​​Alwar. The amount of fluoride in the water of dozens of villages of Laxmangarh area is high. In such a situation, a short film is being prepared on water to make people aware. After the shoot, the Hollywood actor enjoyed the countryside and the star of the film is spending time with school children and people from villages.

Actors are staying in Kesroli Fort
Please tell that the actor is currently staying at Kesroli Fort. Go by helicopter to shoot Laxmangarh. His shooting is going on under tight security, meanwhile he is spending time with the villagers and school children and playing the villager’s games langdi leg, cricket and other games with them.