Hansal Mehta’s wife Safina Hussain is the ‘big sister’ of poor girls, she suffered the brunt of exploitation and poverty in her childhood

While filmmaker Hansal Mehta has surprised everyone by marrying at the age of 54, his wife Safina Hussain is being discussed on the internet. Safina Hussain and Hansal Mehta were living in live-in for the last 17 years. Everyone wants to know about Safina Hussain ever since the pictures of the wedding (Hansal Mehta Safeena Hussain wedding) surfaced. Safina Hussain is working for the education of girls. He also has an organization called Educate Girls. He started this organization with a special purpose, the seed of which was planted when Safina Hussain had to go through a bad phase in childhood. Exploitation had to be suffered and poverty had to be seen.

Bad childhood and poverty of Safina Hussain

Safina Hussain disclosed this in an interview. In an interview given to alliance magazine in 2019, Safina Hussain revealed the pages of her life, about which very few people know. Safina Hussain is the daughter of popular film and TV actor Yusuf Hussain. Yusuf Hussain died last year due to Kovid.

Actor father’s daughter, yet chose a different career

Safina Hussain had inherited acting, but she chose a different field for herself. A field in which many awards have been awarded for his work. Why did Safina Hussain have to start Educate Girls? In response, he removed the veil from his sufferings and wounds. Safina Hussain had said, ‘Because of my own journey, I had to start Educate Girls. I grew up in Delhi and had a very rough childhood. I have seen poverty, violence and exploitation. But with the help of a friend of my father, I was able to come out of my traumatized childhood and became the first member of my family to go to university.

People used to close the door on their mouth, used to behave badly

Safina Hussain had told that due to education she was able to come out of problems ranging from poverty to exploitation and hence she also decided to shape the future of other girls. But the start was not good. In another interview, Safina Hussain had told that when she started going door-to-door for girls’ education and started telling people, there were many problems. Some people would have closed the door on their mouth and some would have behaved badly.

When relatives said on studies – spending money on daughter’s education is a waste

Safina Hussain did not forget the time when she sought her father’s help to study in London. When father Yusuf Hussain started giving money for his studies, his friends and relatives tried to stop him. Argued that spending more money on girl’s education is a waste. But Yusuf Hussain sold his business to educate the daughter and also distanced himself from the people who taunted. Safina Hussain had said that if she did not get the support of her father, she too would have been sacrificed to the patriarchy.