Hansal Mehta Robbed: Before Annu Kapoor, Hansal Mehta has also been robbed in France, said – India is needlessly infamous

Recently there was news that Annu Kapoor has been robbed in Paris, the capital of France. Someone snatched his bag, which contained some rupees (foreign currencies Swiss, francs and euros) along with an iPad, credit card and mobile. The actor had made a video of this entire matter and narrated the incident. Now film director Hansal Mehta has also shared a similar incident. It is told how similar incident has happened with them too. His condition had become such after that that there was no money left till he returned to the hotel.

Hansal Mehta has expressed his pain through Twitter. It is told that during the Europe trip, his cards and cash were stolen. According to the director, his two younger daughters were also with him at that time. By tweeting, he writes, ‘Saw the video of Annu Kapoor sir, with whom there was a robbery in France and valuables were stolen. The same thing happened to me at the Louvre Museum. Where someone took my wallet and I was without cash and debit-credit card. And nothing could have been worse than this.

Annu Kapoor Robbed: Annu Kapoor was robbed in France, credit card and I-pad stolen, said – not even cash left
Hansal Mehta did not have money
In the second tweet, Hansal Mehta said, ‘I also had two daughters with me. I had to call my wife to pick us up as we didn’t have any means of paying to go back to the hotel. The theft caused trouble and the entire family vacation was ruined by the inconvenience. Well the cards were blocked. He further told that the thief did not get much benefit from this theft as there was not much money in the purse.

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Hansal Mehta married in California
He writes, ‘This story teaches us that when going to France, beware of this type of theft. India is unnecessarily infamous. Let us tell you that Hansal Mehta married Safina Hussain last month in California. During this his daughters Kimaya and Rehana were also present.

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