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Gaalodu Movie Download Telugu: Small screen sensation Sudheer Galodu is another movie starring Sudheer as the hero. This movie, which was made as a mass action entertainer, was released in theaters today. And let’s know in the review what kind of result Sudheer got with this film. Without any seriousness in his life, a boy who is called Galodu (Sudheer Sudheer) in his village kills the Sarpanch’s son in an unexpected fight. Scared by this, he flees to Hyderabad. Here the heroine Gehenna helps Sippi in a scene. With this, their acquaintance turns into love from there. But her father falls in love with them. Will their love win? If you want to know what will happen to his murder, you have to watch this movie.

Jabardhast comedy show on the small screen has given life to many actors. Sudhir Sudhir is one of them. Sudhir has gained a range of popularity as a star comedian on the small screen with his own skits.. Now he has come forward to the audience to test his luck as a hero as well. Today (November 18) this movie has a grand release. And let’s see in our movie review whether Sudheer Sudheer is back as a hero with this movie.

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Gaalodu Movie Download iBomma 480p movierulz

Those who have seen it on the small screen know what a whirlwind Sudheer’s talent is. Sudheer proved his talent in movies as well in his first movie. And in this movie too, he was impressed with his new looks and solid presence. He also danced very well. He will appear in this movie with action and a mass attitude to please his youth fans. Also, a new angle is seen from him as an actor in this movie. Also, Gehana did her role with decent acting. Also, her looks and good chemistry with Sudhir are seen. Also, the songs between the two are also a good plus for their music film. Also, the way the climax is designed is good.

With the title ‘Galodu’ (Sudigali Sudheer) the director gives the justification of what kind of hero is used. Without a work song.. without a goal in life, Sudheer is a whirlwind… The son of the sarpanch in his village accidentally dies at his hands. He flees the town in fear and comes to Hyderabad. Gehenna Sippi, the heroine, is accidentally introduced there. It’s turning into a bit of love. Heroine’s father gets in the way of their love. And Galodu got married to the heroine’s father? The story of this movie is about the complications that Sudheer Sudheer faced in the murder case that happened in the village.

Director Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla has given the title of this movie as Galodu, the character the hero. He thought that there was no need for a story to make a film with a strong actor like Sudheer Sudheer… Parama made this film with a very routine story. He could not have taken the regular story with excellent screenplay and scenes. Sudheer’s character design is good, and the rest of the characters seem to be inspired by the title. Thanks to technology, the police are easily catching those who have committed a crime somewhere. If something like that happens in the town.. that too is not a case of theft, there are doubts that the police will not catch the person who killed a person so easily.

Since there is only Sudheer. Already Jabardhast is based on his acting and dance and has been screened with slow narration without any logic. I don’t understand why there are some elevation scenes. Overall, he was able to show Sudhir as a hero very well. Will the audience of B and C centers like this kind of movie? It has to be seen whether they also want something new. Bheem’s music for the film is good. Along with the cinematography, the production values ​​are good. The editor seems to have forgotten why his scissors should be properly sharpened.

The production values ​​in the film are good and the music director of the technical department, Bheems, who has given very good work to the film, has managed to bring some interest to the film. Also, the cinematography is good. Dialogues do not matter. Also, many unnecessary scenes had to be removed in editing. When it comes to director Rajasekhar, I have to say that his work is not good for the movie. So far Sudhir’s role is okay but even though he takes the right point in the movie, he fails to show it as engaging despite the pony routine line. The flow took a hit in the movie with silly narration without logic. With this, his work seems to be very below average.

The audience already knows his talent with the Jabardhast comedy show. In this movie, Sudheer. The comedy timing is spot on. He succeeded in engaging the audience with his performance of the simple story. He fits into the character of Gallodu nicely to make the masses like him. He carried the entire film on his shoulders. Gehna Sippi, the heroine, is as impressive as she is. Her portrayal of the character is also okay. There is chemistry between the hero and the heroine. The rest of the actors seemed to be okay with their range.

Gaalodu Movie Download Movierulz

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