Farooq Sheikh Birthday: Farooq Sheikh was the elder brother of Salman’s debut film, Dubai Holiday became the last journey of life

Farooq Sheikh Birthday: Farooq Sheikh was the elder brother of Salman’s debut film, Dubai Holiday became the last journey of life
Bollywood’s illustrious actor and late Farooq Sheikh was born on this day, March 25, 1948 in Gujarat. Farooq Sheikh, seen in films like ‘Chashme Buddoor’, ‘Umrao Jaan’, ‘Noori’, is known for his excellent acting in the world of drama, television and films. Acting was never his only means of earning a living but it was a passion without which life was incomplete. This quality of his has kept him alive in the hearts of the fans even today and whenever there is talk of art, his name will definitely be taken. You will be surprised to know that he did not charge any fee for his debut film.

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By the way, there is a story behind not taking money for his first film. In fact, MS Sathyu, director of the film ‘Garam Hawa’ released in 1975, was looking for a hero who was ready to work without fees. Farooq also had a passion for acting and as soon as he came to know about this, he immediately agreed for the film. It is said that after about 5 years he got his fees and also tell here that his first earning was 750 rupees.

Studied from Mumbai’s biggest college, didn’t feel like practicing

Farooq studied at St. Mary’s School in Mumbai and then took admission in St. Xavier’s College. Thinking of advocacy, he studied law from Siddharth College of Law and for some time he also advocated, but then he did not feel like doing this work at all.

Farooq’s pairing with actress Deepti Naval

After the film ‘Garam Hawa’, he appeared in films like ‘Shatranj Ke Khiladi’, ‘Noori’, ‘Chashme Baddoor’, ‘Kisi Se Na Kehna’. Farooq Sheikh’s pairing with actress Deepti Naval was liked by most of the people. The pair got immense love from the fans. The two gave many hits together, including films like ‘Kisi Se Na Kehna’, ‘Katha’, ‘Rang Birangi’, ‘Chashme Baddoor’ and ‘Saath Saath’. While talking about TV serials, he has also been a part of shows like ‘Srikanth’, ‘Chamatkar’ and ‘Jee Mantriji’.

Worked with Salman to Ranbir Kapoor

Salman Khan got a chance to work with Farooq Sheikh in his debut film ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’. In this film, Farooq was in the role of Salman’s elder brother and Rekha was in the role of wife. He played the role of his elder brother. Farooq has also appeared with Ranbir Kapoor. Farooq Sheikh was seen in the role of Ranbir Kapoor’s father in the film ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’.

This was the story behind Farooq’s kurta

Farooq is mostly seen by his fans in white kurta and its story is also very funny. He used to buy kurta from the same place for 30 years. Often he was seen in white kurta with chikankari and he used to buy kurta for himself from the same place. Runa Banerjee used to run the service NGO of Lucknow from which he used to buy his kurta. Runa told TOI that his kurta used to be custom made. It started with the shooting of the film ‘Anjuman’ which was based on chikankari works. He told that whenever a kurta was made for him, its price used to be between 2500 to 3000, but Farooq always used to give 500 rupees more and sometimes his bill used to reach 70-80 thousand.

Shabana Azimi was mistaken for his wife

Farooq Shaikh and Shabana Azmi were close friends and used to do plays together since college days. Kala kept them alive on the film screen together and their friendship remained till the end. There is a funny anecdote about Shabana Azmi. It is told that once both were going somewhere, Farooq gave 50 paise to a beggar on the way. The beggar said – May God keep your pair safe and on hearing this, the actor had said – If you want to curse like this, then return the money. Shabana was also shocked to see his style and then laughed a lot.

Farooq Sheikh married Roopa Jain

Farooq Shaikh married Roopa Jain. It is said that both met in college during their studies and it was love at first sight. 9 years have passed for this love when after the relationship both of them decided to get married. Farooq and Rupa had 2 daughters.

Dubai holiday became the last journey

Farooq’s untimely demise shocked the industry. Farooq then went on a Dubai holiday with his family and this turned out to be his last moment. On December 28, 2013, Farooq died due to cardiac arrest in Dubai and then he was only 65 years old.

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