‘Do you dance or fly?’, Sukhwinder Singh stood up after seeing Shahid Kapoor in ‘Haider’

Talking about the strong performance of Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, his film ‘Haider’ released in the year 2014 will be kept at the top. Shahid Kapoor’s acting in this film, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, was admired by all. Tabu and KK Menon gave strong performances along with Shahid Kapoor in this film made on the background of separatism in Kashmir. Especially the song ‘Bismil’ of this film and Shahid’s dance in it was very much liked. This song was sung by Bollywood’s superhit singer Sukhwinder Singh in a bang.

‘This song was very difficult for me’
In the film, Shahid Kapoor’s character i.e. Haider Mir directly blames his mother (Tabu) and his uncle (KK Menon) for the murder of his father. Talking about the song, singer Sukhwinder Singh told The Indian Express, “The song tells the story of the film as it used to be in V Shantaram’s films. You can say that this song is an example of Indian opera. So when Vishal was telling me about this song, I realized how the expressions have been put in it which I was doing for the first time in my career. Normally I sing for fun without thinking anything but this song was challenging for me. This song became a big hit on the screen.

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‘Shocked to see Shahid’
When Sukhivander saw this song on screen, sharing his experience, he said, ‘First of all I want to thank Vishal who gave me a chance to sing this song. He put his trust in me. The final result of the song was absolutely ‘Qayamat’ and when I saw it on the big screen, I was in awe. Seeing Shahid’s performance, I asked him- Hey you dance that you fly?’
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Sukhwinder’s song has won Oscar
Talking about Vishal Bhardwaj, this singer’s song ‘Jai Ho’, who has lent his voice to the songs of hundreds of films, has received Oscar and Grammy Award. This song was in the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. He received the National Film Award for Best Song for the song ‘Bismil’ from ‘Haider’. Apart from this, Sukhwinder Singh has also received the Filmfare Award for Best Song for the song ‘Chaiya Chaiyya’ from the film ‘Dil Se’.