Director’s Apology: Jai Bheem director TJ Gyanvel apologizes unconditionally to Vanniyar community, says it is wrong to drag Surya into this

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Amidst the ongoing controversy over Jai Bhim, the director of the film issued a statement. Director TJ Gyanvel has written in his statement on allegations made by members of Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) that some scenes in the film are against Vanniyar community. TJ said that it was never his intention to defame any particular community. He also said that it is completely unfair to blame Surya for the controversy.

That’s why the Vanniyar community is angry
Suriya, Lijomol Jose and Manikandan starrer Jai Bheem premiered on Amazon Prime Video on November 2. The film got into many controversies since its release. Vanniyar Sangam sent legal notices to Suriya, Jyothika, TJ Gyanvel and Amazon Prime Video for defaming the community. In fact, a calendar with a picture of ‘Agni Kundam’ appears in the background of the film. Incidentally, the Agni Kundam is a symbol representing the Vanniyar confluence and community.

The director was planning to remove the calendar

TJ Gyanvel wrote in his statement that – No one who watched the film before the OTT release did not pay attention to the calendar. Had we noticed, we would have removed it before the release of the film. When the film released on November 1, many people pointed to the calendar. Before the controversy started, we started planning to remove the emblem and calendar. I thought that when we make changes, people will understand our intention. As a director, I must take responsibility. It is unfair to ask Surya to take responsibility for this controversy. Suriya as a producer and actor took on the role to shed light on this. The problems of the tribal community were solved. I want to apologize to him for whatever happened.”

He further wrote, “Jai Bheem does not target or embarrass any particular individual or any community. I want to apologize to the offended people. My heart goes out to the members of the film fraternity, political organizations, social activists, media and many more. Thank you to the Faceless members who supported us through difficult times.”

Apart from condemning the team, Vanniyar Sangam had also said that they want the objectionable scenes to be removed from the film. He had also demanded Rs 5 crore in damages and an unconditional apology from the Jai Bhim team.

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