Dipika Kakar Videos: Shoaib Ibrahim brought such a gift for Dipika Kakar, the actress cried with joy

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are one of the beautiful couples of the TV industry, whose love and romance are loved by the fans on social media as well. Dipika Kakar’s birthday is coming up and on 6th February she is going to celebrate her 36th birthday. Shoaib has already started preparing to make Deepika’s birthday special and is coming home every day with new gifts for her. Among many gifts, Shoaib gave such a gift to Deepika, seeing that the actress got tears in her eyes.

Shoaib is busy pampering Deepika
Shoaib Ibrahim is constantly trying to pamper his wife Dipika Kakar by taking time out from his work and busy schedule. Shoaib had brought red roses and two types of anklets for Deepika, seeing which the actress was delighted. Now Shoaib has brought a special gift for her, seeing which she cried with joy. Shoaib has brought Chand Baliyan (earrings) for Deepika, which he also showed to his mother, grandmother and sister before giving it away. Everyone liked this gift bought for Deepika.

Brought her favorite Chand earrings for Deepika
Shoaib reached out to Deepika with the next gift. Shoaib told him that I remember that you had said long ago that Shoaib give me this sometime. On this, Deepika started saying that now my heart is throbbing. Shoaib then asks her to close her eyes and then he puts her favorite chand earrings in front of her, seeing which she becomes happy and hugs Shoaib crying.

Deepika said- I have always loved earrings
Deepika repeatedly tells Shoaib that it is very good. She says, “I have always loved earrings. In Simar too, when I started shooting I used to have a rack of bangles and earrings and since then it was my wish to reach that level to buy the original. This is my first real one.’

Shoaib got the designs changed
After this Shoaib’s sister comes and she also praises the earrings for this work. Then she tells that brother has also changed its design. Shoaib then tells that he has changed a lot in this design.

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