Conversation: Pratik Babbar said – Lara was so involved that I got help in the processing of my character

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Prateik Babbar, Lara Dutta, Shinova starrer series Hickups & Hookups is going to stream on new OTT platform Lionsgate on 26th November. This series has been directed by well-known director of films, Kunal Kohli. In this, what Pratik said to the youth while talking on his personal life including his character, read in a special conversation of Dainik Bhaskar:

Tell us about your character Akhil and the story?
My character’s name is Akhil Rao. This is a very funny guy. There is a dating app founder, named Ketchup. His dating app has become a hit. He has made a lot of money and has got big houses all over the country. Just doing it now. But now he has become a little lazy about the work, because he feels that there is no need to do anything now. Talk about its love life, then does not believe in love, relationship, commitment at all. One of his funny things is that the app he has created.

The algorithm that the app has, sets it in such a way that all the girls who come to the app are matched with them so that they can go on dates with new girls. The story of his own hookup continues. If he does his involvement with his family, then he is very supportive of his sister and niece. But there is a lot of Tu-Tu, Main-Main with the parents, because there is more difference of opinion between the two, but love is a lot. It will also be seen in the show that his childhood has been complicated. He was fat in childhood, about which his father used to tease him. It has settled in his heart that he has not had a normal childhood.

Well, what is the similarity/dissimilarity between Babbar and Rao?
The commonality between us is Fun Loving, Open Minded, Relationship with family and friends. I think Rao does not believe in love. Relationship, marriage, commitment, children do not matter to him. These things are not simple.

How was the experience working with Lara?
Very nice, I have been his fan since childhood. Many young people like me are his fans. Amin! It was a very special experience working with The Queen Lara Dutta. I think it was a lot of fun building the relationship we have with this. We both complement each other very well. Give in Take was great. She brings a lot with her character. She was so involved that helped me a lot in the processing of my character.

Can someone take inspiration from you about drugs? The way you caught and left. What would you like to say to the youth as a lesson?
Time is very precious thing in life. I have spent many years in all these things. I still feel very angry with myself that I wasted so many years, could have done anything in these years. Could have become a better person with his life and could have become a better actor, performer. I think all these things waste a lot of time. When you are intoxicated, nothing is known of the time.

Forget the things that matter in life. Time has passed, then nothing can be done about it. I would like to tell the youth that whatever you are doing, do it very carefully. There is only one life, in this we have to become our West version of ourselves. Can’t go ahead with all these things.

Which viewers will be able to watch your upcoming series and movies?
Hickups & Hookups will stream on Lionsgate on November 26. Hindi series will come for the first time on this OTT platform. Apart from this, a film is coming on Netflix on 3 December. In this, I have the character of an artist. Have done a film India Lockdown with Madhur Bhandarkar, she will also come. It has the character of a migraine worker. The film Bachchan Pandey is about to come with Akshay Kumar. In this, I will be seen in the role of a goon.

We are all hooligans. The same hooliganism will be seen. I am a cop in Chakravyuh-2, who is a CBI crime branch specialist. People know about Four More Shorts-3 that JE has a character. I am in full flash.

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