Call Me Bae: ‘You want to show the paps the blue boxer you are wearing’, Ananya Panday lectures Varun

Call Me Bae: ‘You want to show the paps the blue boxer you are wearing’, Ananya Panday lectures Varun
Let the super-fans of ‘Prime Bay’ and ‘Prime Video’ know that Varun Dhawan is back with a brand new update on the streaming service’s next series ‘Call Me Bay’. Varun Dhawan and Ananya Panday will be next seen in the upcoming Amazon Original scripted series Call Me Bey. In the video, Ananya is seen challenging Varun Dhawan on the nuances of fashion and clothing with her fashionable style and choice. The shooting of this show has started.

The show features a billionaire fashionista ‘Bay’ (Ananya Panday) who lectures Varun Dhawan on fashion in such a long way that the actor has to kneel down. Actually Varun Dhawan has started it and he seems to be saying that if someone calls Manish Malhotra Chachu, it does not mean that he has become a fashion expert. Varun’s gesture was towards Ananya Pandey. After this, Varun Dhawan is again seen commenting on her regarding fashion. Varun looking at Ananya confused about selecting the belt says – both are blue, you are not fashion people…. After this Ananya washes Varun.

Ananya spoke about Varun’s underwear

She says- The blue boxer you are wearing like this, you want to show paps that oh I don’t care about fashion, but you don’t know that your boxer is not only blue, it is not turquoise and not lapis but it is cerulean (deep blue). After this, she gives a lot of lectures to Varun in the name of big fashion designers of Bollywood. And then finally says- I find it funny to think that you think you have choices to disconnect from the fashion industry. But the truth is that the underwear you are wearing has been selected by us fashion people only. These words of Ananya overshadow Varun and he apologizes to her for his words.

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‘Call Me Bay’ will be available in over 240 countries

Let us tell you that ‘Call Me Bey’ is a Dharmatic Entertainment production, produced by Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta and Somen Mishra as executive producers and directed by Colin D’Cunha. Created by Ishita Moitra, who also co-wrote the series along with Sameena Motlekar and Rohit Nair. Call Me Bay will be available to Prime members in more than 240 countries and territories upon its release.

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