Why AR Rahman became music director from Dilip Kumar, explains the whole reason

Music director AR Rahman is one of them, who has struggled a lot. It was not easy for him to climb the success ladder. Oscar winner AR Rahman is one of the few in the world of music who has placed India at the global level. However, even today many things are made about his conversion and he remains in the headlines.

He was named Dilip Kumar after the birth of AR Rahman, but chose Islam with the family. He took this step after the death of music composer father RK Shekhar. Or rather, he turned to Islam before the release of the first major project ‘Roja’. AR Rahman’s friend Trilok Nayak told Krishna Trilok’s autobiography ‘Notes of a Dream’ that Rahman’s mother Karima Begum had requested to rename AR Rahman in the film credits, that too at the last minute. He said, “This is my big request, that too at the end of the day.” My mother is very particular about this. He says that this matter means a lot to him, personally. He says that if my new name did not go to the credits of the film, it would not be known.

Rahman says that I do not want to pressure anyone about religion. In an interview with Hindustan Times Brunch, Rahman said, “You cannot impose anything on anyone. You cannot tell your son or daughter that he should take history, not economics or science. It is every person’s personal choice. “

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Rahman says that many people ask him whether one should adopt Islam to become successful, but I always keep silence on it. Rahman says for me it is not to convert to Islam. Finding the spot for me and seeing if this sentence clicks into your life. My spiritual master, my mother and Sufi gurus have taught me many special things. There is a special thing in every faith and we have chosen it. And we stand by it.

Rahman further says that praying has been beneficial for us. This has saved me from many difficulties. Those who believe in others do the same, for them it feels peaceful. For me, it is. Praying gives me peace