Through video, Sana Khan reminded the old days, the actress said – do not put anyone in depression

Former actress Sana Khan has recently married Surat based businessman Mufti Anas. Suddenly, the actress had come in quite a lot of headlines for her marriage. Sana Khan was married after saying goodbye to the industry. Now a person reminds Sana Khan of the old days, after which she is once again in the discussion. Actually, this person has made a video of Sana Khan, which contains memories and contraptions of his industry days. However, Sana Khan has not shared this video, but has definitely written a post for it.

Sana Khan says that this person has been making her videos for a long time. Sana Khan writes, “Some people are making negative videos on me and I have been watching this for a long time, but I had decided to keep silence till now. Just not anymore. My videos which this person has made have shown a lot about old things and wrong things. Don’t you know that it is a crime to remind a person about old things, knowing that that person has lost all these things. I feel broken. “

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Sana Khan writes in the caption of the post, “I don’t want to name that person, because I don’t want to do what she has done to me. This is a crime. If you do not support anyone, then it is good that you keep quiet about it. Do not put anyone into depression. By making such comments, how much more will you humiliate a person. Many times you go ahead by remembering these things, but there are some people like me who think that I wish I could go back in those times and fix things. Please, be well and let people change over time. “